• What is Quittercheck?

    Quittercheck was founded in 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic when much wasn’t known about its effects on health. Our founder’s parents were smokers who tried quitting multiple times without success. They’d be successful for a few months but would eventually relapse to the habit they formed over so many years. This is the driving force that inspired him to develop something that would help them quit permanently.

    The idea for the program came about while our founder was running his dental clinic. He consulted with other doctors, psychologists and addiction experts, in order to to design protocols for the quit plans. The quit plans were developed with customizable options based on individual needs. The concept was informally tested with a group of nicotine users that had trouble quitting in the past. They found that 83% of those users remained nicotine free after 6 months at the conclusion of the study.

    Quittercheck’s goal is to help reduce the high number of preventable deaths, and cancer diagnoses, that happen every year, all while keeping the process of quitting fun and rewarding. We want to help people live more fulfilling healthy lives. Almost everyone knows someone that struggles with nicotine addiction, and family members more than anyone else, see how incredibly hard it is for their loved ones to kick the habit for good.

    Quittercheck desires to create a healthier world by saving citizens from smoking one day at a time. Quittercheck is the users’ quitting partner. We provide sustainable and reliable nicotine cessation plans for users with varied nicotine habits. Users with a history of smoking, vaping or smokeless tobacco are all being helped to end their addiction. Quittercheck pushes you to successfully quit smoking with a carrot and stick approach.

    Quittercheck utilizes a combination of a mobile application and our testing product. We are available on the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android devices. As you aspire to lead a better healthier life, Quittercheck will be there with you every step of the way.

  • I want to quit smoking. Where do I begin?

    Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Accepting the fact that you need to quit is the first step. The next step is having the determination to quit. You are here seeking help on where to begin, and that’s a great start. This proves you are determined!

    At Quittercheck we have designed a few plans to help you quit your smoking addiction. All you need to do is download our app and select the plan that you feel suits you best. Select some additional tools designed to compliment your plan. These combinations help you further in your journey to quit, and voila! You are done! We will ship out your order as soon as possible and your journey will begin! If you want to download our app, please click this link on your phone. If you need help selecting the best plan for you, please refer to the question “How do I choose the right plan for me” in this section.

    And if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com.

  • How does the Quittercheck process work?

    The Quittercheck nicotine quitting process is simple and rewarding. Our team of experts have designed multiple plans of different lengths that will help you quit, and all you have to do is choose the plan that suits you the best. To learn more check out our article “Which Plan is suitable for me” to help you decide the perfect plan according to your nicotine intake habits.

    Once you know which plan is best suited for your needs, download our app. Create an account if you don’t have one and purchase a plan length suitable for you. We will ask for your desired “Quit Date” during your sign up. This date is your personal goal. Once you select your desired quit date, you can now go ahead and select the date from which you would like to begin testing. This date can be anytime after one week of your desired “Quit Date”. This structure is designed in this way to help you remain nicotine free and save you from the black hole of relapse.

    Once you have decided your Nicotine Free Quit date, we will ask you to pledge a certain amount which you will lose if you fail a test. The pledge amount is the deterrent amount that you set to prevent yourself from using nicotine. For each test failed, this pledge amount is charged to you. You must decide what amount you wouldn’t spend for a cigarette, vape, or dip. The minimum pledge amount is $1, and as you get more confident in your determination, you can bet more on yourself. You can only increase this pledge amount during your plan, but not decrease it.

    If you need extra help, we have optional success tools available for you. Take on Venquil to help you further, or add extra test kits before you check out.

    That’s it – once your order is placed, we will ship out your test kits at the earliest. All you have to do during your plan is remain determined, and be prepared to submit your test video to us when we ask for it. These tests will be totally random, and during your journey you can also add more tests per week. You can customize the plan as per your needs, because no one knows you better than you!

    For each failed test, you are losing the pledge money, and for each test passed you are receiving a reward.

    To get started on your journey, download our mobile application for App Store here and for Google Play Store here.

  • What are the different plan options?

    We currently have 4 plans. A 1-week plan, a 12-week plan, a 20-week plan, and a 28-week plan. Each plan is tailored to a specific type of smoker based on extensive nicotine cessation research conducted by doctors & psychologists. The 1-week trial is designed to help you become accustomed to the testing process, but for chances of permanent cessation we recommend opting for a suitable plan length.

    To determine which plan suits your needs, please refer to the question “How do I choose the right plan for me?

  • How do I choose the right plan for me?

    Everyone has different needs. We have different plans designed to cater to your specific needs. To successfully quit nicotine, you need to remain nicotine free for a long period of time. If you have been a smoker for a number of years, a shorter plan won’t be very beneficial to you. If you have been a smoker for a short period of time, a shorter plan may be sufficient, but an intermediate duration plan may be the most beneficial to you. We recommend a plan that will keep you nicotine free for a long period of time to successfully quit the nicotine addiction permanently. So go ahead and choose a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

    Our plans are designed based on extensive research conducted by doctors and psychologists. They take into account the average relapse time, and use this information to create these plan lengths. However, if you need a plan longer than the available plan, you can simply go ahead and purchase a new plan from your account after your initial plan ends.

    If you are a casual nicotine user (under a year), we recommend a 12 week program. If you’ve tried to quit with the 12- week plan but failed, we recommend opting in for a longer plan.

    If you’ve been using nicotine for 1-4 years, a 20 week plan is an ideal plan for you. If you’ve got some little success with the 20-week plan but need more accountability, we recommend you try a 28-week plan.

    The 28-week plan is designed for heavy users who need more accountability and time away from nicotine. If you have tried to quit before but relapsed multiple times, we highly recommend adding an extra test day per week during the duration of your entire plan.

    Our plans are designed to include two tests per week for the first two weeks of your plan, and one test a week for the subsequent remaining weeks of your plan. You can opt for the twice a week testing for the entire duration of your plan at check out If you prefer it to the other testing criteria.

  • What plan customizations are available?

    Customizations are available upon your purchase. You can adjust the plans to best suit your needs. To customize a plan, first select a regular plan that you believe suits you best. For more detailed information, refer to the question “How do I choose the right plan for me?” to find out what plan suits you best.

    At checkout, you can add the following to customize your plan:

    • Testing Frequency: All the plans start with twice a week testing for the first two weeks, then once a week testing for the rest of the plan duration. Cravings may last longer (for the first few months) in some individuals. If you need full control over your quitting journey, we recommend opting in for twice a week testing frequency for the first 6 weeks.
      • You can choose to get tested twice a week for the first 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 10 weeks of your plan.
      • You can also opt for a Full Accountability plan, where the testing frequency for the entire plan duration is twice a week.
    • You can choose how much of a cash deterrent you want, called your ‘pledge’. The minimum pledge amount is $1
    • You can adjust your pledge higher during your plan duration, but cannot lower it.

    You can also choose any additional success tools we have available to help you along the journey.

  • What happens after I purchase a plan?

    Once you purchase a plan, you have the freedom to choose when to start, and a desired “Quit date.” The “Quit Date” is a personal target date that you intend to be free from nicotine & cigarette addiction. Testing starts one week after your chosen “Quit Date.” This is any day you desire to be tested a week after your “Quit Date.”

    We will ship it to your address as soon as you purchase your plan, but the testing will only begin from the date you choose to get tested.

    The plan is designed this way for you to quit at your own will and at your own pace; Quittercheck checks in with you weekly to ensure you do not relapse, and rewards you for remaining nicotine free.

  • I smoke, vape and also use smokeless tobacco. What should I select during signing up?

    We suggest you select the one that you use the most. But with our plans, you will be able to quit all three habits! Kill two (or three) birds with one stone!

  • There are so many other nicotine cessation alternatives like the patch, gum, lozenges, inhalers, nasal spray. Why should I opt for the Quittercheck plan?

    Most of these products are designed in a way that it still releases nicotine in your body. Therefore, your body is still receiving nicotine. Thus these options only help temporarily while our plans have proven to be a permanent solution for a lot of our users.

    You can certainly go the route of gums and patches at the beginning of your journey and then opt-in for a plan most suitable for you.

  • I am using a patch & gum as a part of my quitting journey. Can I keep using them and simultaneously sign up for a Quittercheck quitting plan?

    We understand that you may be using different methods to help you quit. Gums and patches are very popular methods that people use as part of their quitting journey. However our plan will not work with any other products that are designed to release nicotine in your body. You may use patches, gums, or any other products that help you quit, but you MUST cease using them when testing is scheduled to take place. Our tests are sensitive to Nicotine, which is released by these quitting aids. The tests will pick up the nicotine if you use these aids continuously through, which will end up in you failing the test.

    If you smoke or vape, and need some additional help, we have an add-on product venquil. A large part of a nicotine addiction stems from the action of holding something, and lifting it to your lip. So using a venquil may give you a satisfaction of that gesture, ultimately calming you.

  • Do you offer any corporate plans?

    We certainly appreciate all the efforts taken by companies to help their employees combat this deadly nicotine habit. If you wish to run a campaign like this, we request you to contact us. We will make a customized plan as per your needs.

    Please reach out to us at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com and we will get in touch you!

  • You are working for a great cause and I would like to donate. Is there a way I can donate?

    We appreciate that you want to support a cause close to your heart. Yes, we do accept donations! Your donations are used for following purposes, let us know how you’d like to help:

    • We will sponsor free Nicotine Cessation plans to people in need.
    • We will use your donation money to increase the rewards for our existing users that are successfully passing their weekly nicotine tests.

    For donations, please contact us at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com and we will be able to further assist you.

  • What is Quit Date and Testing Week?

    Quit Date is the date that you voluntarily decide to quit smoking. This will be the first date you are prompted to select when you sign up on the app. This date is your personal goal to quit your nicotine habits, and this date can be anywhere within 3 months of your sign up date.

    Your testing week is the week you choose after a week of your Quit Date.

  • What type of Nicotine Test do you have?

    Quittercheck Nicotine Saliva test kits are FDA approved. The Nicotine saliva test cube uses a qualitative method to detect any nicotine in the users’ oral specimen(saliva). These tests are easily conducted without any supervision from medical or healthcare professionals.

    All the detailed direction of use, testing procedures, specimen collection & storage instructions is provided with each package. It is advisable to read all the instructions carefully before conducting your tests.

  • Are these test kits FDA approved?

    Yes! The kits are approved by the FDA. Please contact us at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com if you have any questions.

  • What can I expect on a test day?

    You will be notified on a randomly chosen day by our app during the week.

    Why random? The oral saliva tests detect nicotine for up to 3 days and we don’t want you to be tempted to use nicotine around these tests. You’ll be notified primarily through app notifications, by email and if you choose, by text.

    You will be notified up to 3 times during the day, 1st notification at 12 am. You will have 24 hours to take the test and submit the video. Testing takes about 5 minutes. Caution should be taken if you have any condition or are on any medication that causes a very dry mouth. If you do have a dry mouth, you can increase saliva production either through drinking plenty of water and we also advise some stimulation methods in the package instructions. If you are concerned about saliva amounts, you can try a trial period or order backup tests. The swabs have a saliva indicator that will turn red when we can be sure that enough saliva has been collected.

  • Why do you recommend twice a week testing?

    If you’ve tried to quit in the past, you know that the first few weeks are the hardest.

    Our tests detect any nicotine used in the past 3 days. Although testing is randomly scheduled, it is still possible to “game” your testing.

    How so? If you pass a test one week, you may be tempted to use nicotine knowing that your next test isn’t scheduled until the following week. You may think that you have enough time to let the nicotine leave your system before the next test. This keeps your addiction alive, making it more difficult to quit.

    Our process includes 2 weekly tests during the first 2 weeks to prevent this. For most, we recommend twice a week testing for at least the first 6 weeks. This gives you enough time to get past the toughest period of quitting. Have you experienced strong cravings in the past that don’t go away? If so, we recommend twice a week testing for 10 weeks, or you may also select twice a week testing for your entire plan length! After all, you know your needs best!

  • How will the tests be conducted?

    We require that during testing, the test package and you remain on camera the entire duration until the swab is placed in the testing cup. First we look to see that packaging starts unopened and the test is not tampered with. We will also check that the person testing is the person that signed up (your picture will be taken inside the app before beginning). We then check that water or other materials are not in the mouth when beginning.

    You may submit as many tests as you’d like during your test day, for example you may not be sure if you took the test correctly and want to submit another. We aim to review the tests within 24 hours of submission

  • How are the test results verified?

    After you submit the video of your test, one of our representatives will see the video to check if the test was done with all honesty. Our representative will check for a few things:

    • Did you open the seal on the video or was it already broken? If the seal was broken before you started recording your video, you may fail.
    • There’s nothing in your mouth that could affect results before you start recording the video.
    • You have swabbed around cheeks, lips and gum area for an appropriate amount of time to collect enough saliva.
    • And of course the result of the test.

    Once our representative has finished checking the video, you will soon receive a notification with your results.

  • How do I know if I passed or failed?

    Our tests are 99% accurate. Each batch produced is tested on multiple people with differing nicotine levels to ensure accuracy. Passing these tests will feel great. Every pass is a step in the direction towards permanent cessation. 83% of our early testers that smoked cigarettes have successfully quit smoking.

    Failures are rare for everyone with the right deterrent amount set. You have 24 hours to challenge any test that we mark as failed before you are charged. We will have a senior reviewer assess the test video, and make a final determination.

    The test cube on the front has the markings, C and T. These represent Control and Test areas. These are the standard scientific testing terms used to detect a substance. Even a faint line is used to determine a result in substance testing.

    Negative for nicotine (Pass): 2 lines, 1 in the C and 1 in the T areas.

    Positive for nicotine (Fail): 1 line in the C area.

    Invalid (Re-Test): 1 line in the T area or no lines at all. This is very rare and occurs if you did not collect enough saliva. It doesn’t take much saliva to use our tests. To ensure you’ve collected enough, swab for at least 2-3 minutes. You can submit another test if your original test has an invalid reading.

    Reasons for failure:

    1. You test positive for nicotine, specifically the metabolite cotinine (COT). There will be a single line on the saliva test strip in the C area.
    2. Only submitting a video of an invalid reading, and not submitting a passing test.
    3. Failure to submit a test video.
    4. Testing process errors:
    5. Having someone else take the test (we verify through photos you take during setup)
    6. Your face or any part of the test leaves the video during opening of the package and/or swabbing.
    7. Not placing the Test Cube close enough to the camera to have a visible result. Make sure the lines are visible on your phone’s screen.
    8. Liquids or other materials in the mouth.
    9. Camera captures a video recording of a previous passing test.

  • If I smoke just 1 cigarette will I fail?

    You will likely fail testing if you were to have any form of nicotine, even 1 cigarette. Every person will metabolize nicotine differently, so how long nicotine is detected will vary. You will need to stop all nicotine products at least 5 days before testing to be safe. This includes patches, gum, and lozenges.

  • Will I fail if have been exposed to secondhand smoke?

    The chances of you failing by secondhand smoke are minimal as the detection level is set in such a way that secondhand smoke won’t trigger a failure.

  • What if I am traveling and I get prompted to test?

    We suggest that if you have planned ahead for this travel, you should carry the test kits with you. If it is not possible, we request you contact us on support@devstaging.quittercheck.com to notify us of your travel dates. We will ensure not to give you a test during those days. But if you are determined to quit, we highly recommend that you carry your testing kits if you plan to travel for over 24 hours.

  • I was not able to submit my test video on the test day due to an emergency. Can I do it later?

    If for some valid reason you were not able to test on your testing day, we request that you contact us at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com. We may be able to schedule a test for a different time. However we can not guarantee that your pledge money will be refunded.

  • How do pledges work?

    Pledges are required for all plans, even the trial (but not charged). This is the deterrent amount that you set to prevent you from using nicotine. For each test failed, this pledge amount is charged to you. For example, if during a 28 week plan you fail twice, the pledge amount you choose will be charged twice.

    You must ask yourself, what is the amount I wouldn’t want to pay for a cigarette. Would you purchase a pack of cigarettes at the store for $50, $800, or more?

    The minimum pledge amount is $1. You can raise this amount during your plan, but not lower it.

    You have 2 options with your pledge:

    1. Pay ahead.  Pay ahead of time any amount to be fully returned as an award. Put something on the line that will deter you from using, but will motivate you to earn back. This amount you pay ahead of time is not the same as your pledge amount. Any failure will result in your pledge being deducted from this amount you pay ahead.
    2. Charge. Put a credit card on file to only be charged if you fail. Your pledge amount will be charged to this card if you happen to fail a test.
  • How do I earn money by quitting?

    You’ll be able to earn reward money each week when you pass your tests. Reward money comes from anyone that has failed during the week. Their pledge will be distributed to user’s who passed their testing, and a portion will also go to cessation charities.

    This reward will vary from week to week depending upon the number of failures and the amount they have pledged. Our initial calculations say it may range from $0.10 to $3.00 each week. Even a small weekly reward will help keep you going!

    If any test is failed during the week you will not earn any reward for the week. This includes if you have more than 1 test per week and failed once but passed the other(s).

  • How much amount should I pledge?

    There is no such thing as an ideal pledge amount. However, the higher the pledge, the less your likelihood of caving in to nicotine cravings. When deciding on how much you should pledge, ask yourself this: “What’s the maximum amount would I be willing to pay for a cigarette when I’m dying to have one?” This amount may differ for everyone. For some, it may be $50; for others, it could be $200. Once you have your answer, you should be able to determine your ideal pledge amount. The idea is to have a pledge that will act as a strong enough deterrent so you won’t easily give in when a nicotine craving strikes.

    Take an example…Assume, you’re stranded in some random remote location and are longing to have a cigarette. Or vape. Or dip or chew. There’s absolutely no place to source one from. Then, someone walks up to you and offers you a cigarette/vape/smokeless tobacco product for $200. Considering the circumstances, and assuming you’ll be hauled up in said location for days or weeks on end, would you be willing to part with your $200? If your answer is Yes, then your pledge amount should be higher than that. Your ideal pledge amount would be a figure you’re not prepared to lose. A figure you can say No to, no matter the urge.

  • If I successfully pass all my tests throughout the plan, will I receive all my pledge money back?

    Yes!! If you have opted for the pay ahead option all the money that you paid ahead will be returned back to you in full. At the time of your registration, if you selected the “Pay at Fail” option, then we won’t deduct any money on your card!! Hurray. You can celebrate being nicotine free!!!

  • How do you calculate the reward money to give to those who pass their test?

    Let’s do some math here!

    Assume that we have 1000 people active on their quitting plan, and all have pledged $10.

    Now out of this 1000 if 100 people fail their test this week, we will deduct $10 from all these 100 individuals and distribute $1000 [10*100] (minus a 10-25% service fee) equally among 900 people who pass their test.

    In simple words, your fellow quitter is paying you to be successful at quitting.

    Of course, in real life not everyone would have pledged the same amount and the pass/fail numbers would differ. But we hope you got an idea of how the pledge & rewards works.

    There are chances that some weeks you may receive $0 as reward money. That simply means everyone is winning!

  • How and when can I redeem my reward money?

    You will receive your reward money at the end of your plan. We use a third party solution for transferring funds called Veem. When it’s time to redeem the funds, you will receive an Email from Veem. You will provide your bank details to them and then will receive your reward money directly in your bank account within 3-4 working days.

  • Can I redeem the reward money midway through my plan?

    No. You can not redeem your reward money midway through the plan. We have designed it this way to keep you motivated throughout the journey without you losing motivation half-way. When your plan ends, you will need to click the request button in the app to receive the email notification from our third-party payment service Veem. As soon as you provide your bank details to them, your reward money will be processed to your account. You will receive these funds within 3-4 working days.

  • Can I get my rewards back in a different bank account?

    Yes. It is up to you to select which bank account you would like to receive your reward money in.

  • How does the gift card work?

    Gift cards are a new and cool way to motivate friends or family to quit smoking. You can purchase a gift card from us which we will then forward to the recipient via email.

    The gift cards can be used by them to purchase any Quittercheck Plan and Add-Ons. The remaining balance, if any, goes towards the reward.

    This gift card is beneficial to you, who buys it for someone else. Should the recipient fail their test, they’ll lose 25% of the amount they have as a reward from the gift card. You will receive 90% of the reward money the participant lost by failing their test. Any remaining reward amount can be redeemed by the participant at the conclusion of their subscribed plan.

  • Do the gift cards expire?

    The gift cards don’t have an expiration date, and can be used to purchase any plan or success tools available on Quittercheck.

  • Do you offer worldwide shipping?

    We currently ship only in the United States, but don’t worry we will begin shipping to Europe and Canada in the near future.

  • When will I receive the kits?

    It takes about 3-4 business days for the kits to be delivered to you if you live in the United States. Sometimes it may take up to one week for the kits to be delivered. If your kit is not delivered to you after 7 business days, please contact us at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept all major credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
    Other payment method: Paypal

    We will soon accept payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Do you provide customer service?

    Helping you reach your goal, is our goal. When you join with us, it is a partnership throughout your plan and we’ll be there every step of the way.

    At any stage during your plan, you may reach out to us at support@devstaging.quittercheck.com 

    We strive to provide the best customer service to all our users, and are determined to respond to your queries within 24 hours.

  • What is your return policy?

    After delivery a full refund will be given within 30 days if all items are in their original packaging.

    Up to 2 tests can be opened for a 70% refund of all other tests plus cost of return shipping.

    After 30 days a restocking fee of 70% will be assessed plus return shipping. Our plans are designed as a serious commitment and this policy is in place to help you keep your initial commitment.

    Please refer to our Refunds & Return Policy for more information.

  • What if I don’t wish to continue half way through my selected plan? Can I get a refund for the remaining time?

    We at Quittecheck want to ensure that you definitely quit your nicotine habit for good. If you are sure that you want to cancel your plan, you will forfeit any pledged amount that is paid ahead. If you only have a card on file, you will be charged 1.25x your pledge amount. If you want to reactivate the plan it will be 50% of the plan cost to do so. This all is to help you keep your commitment!

  • I feel confident that I have successfully quit smoking, but I have a few kits remaining. Can I end my plan and return these kits?

    Congratulations to you on your success!! We are extremely happy to hear that you were able to quit smoking only half-way through our plan. We suggest you still complete your plan and get tested for the remaining weeks for that added guarantee. If you do not test for the remaining plan you are automatically marked as failed and charged your pledge amount.